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DSC Solutions

World class facility services focused on meeting your financial and operational goals. 

Our leading-edge programs take into careful consideration every possible variable, foreseeable problem, and cost saving opportunity to provide you with a fully customized, industry specific approach. Our programs incorporate best practices, high-end technology, process procedures, and a tailored management and staffing approach. Furthermore, our unsurpassed corporate support ensures the consistent delivery of world class results that meet both, financial and operational goals. 

Technology Enablement

Proprietary Systems

Quality Assurance

Local experts in your community armed with centralized work management systems with web-based reporting assist in planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and measuring work across multiple support functions.

Ability to develop and deploy high-powered programs that incorporate our leading-edge technology tools, cross functional labor utilization, ideal work loading of personnel, lean six sigma principles, and maximum use of corporate resources 

Our computerized quality management program allows us to measure the quality of our services, while providing you with round-the-clock visibility, communication, and reporting. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. 

Markets We Serve

Industry Specific Expertise

Industry specific programs designed by experts with years of industry experience and tailored for each customer. Our management plans take into consideration every possible variable, foreseeable problem, and cost saving opportunity. Furthermore, proactively manage resources, mitigate risks, and streamline communication to maximize efficiency under specific industry environments.


Commercial Buildings

Educational Institutions


Health Care


Financial Institutions


Fitness Centers

Hotels and Resorts

Community Associations

Auto Dealerships

Why Choose DSC Solutions?

Our lean six sigma approach makes our facility services not just the highest quality, but also the most cost efficient.

Scope of Work Compliance

Our management program choreographs the tasks performed and movement of our custodial staff for every shift to ensure strict adherence to required frequencies.

Round-The-Clock Visibility

Our software module, enhanced by mobile communication enables complete visibility into our operations. Clients have access to GPS validated attendance, scheduling, automated reporting, and data collection.

Consistent Quality

We’ve created an innovative quality control program fully enabled by powerful technology tools, designed to ensure the consistent delivery of high quality services.

Measurable Results

We develop clean and concise metrics of performance to measure the quality of our services. Our approach establishes a quality culture built on measurable results and continuous process improvement.

Seasoned Professionals

Our streamlined hiring, selection, and training process provides us with professionals on-demand. Eliminating subcontractors and facilitating self performance.

Cost Flexibility

We understand the importance of budget control and adherence. DSC Solutions is one of the few companies that provides you with the flexibility to increase/decrease service as your business requires.



Professional Services

About DSC Solutions

DSC Solutions was founded in 2010, with an absolute focus on world class service with exceptional customer satisfaction. Over the past years DSC Solutions has focused and invested heavily in the development of proprietary processes, technology, and the training of its personnel. As a result the company has established a reputation for offering industry leading value with unmatched service quality, in an incredibly cost effective manner. 

From inception, DSC Solutions has distinguished itself as a contractor of choice quickly expanding its service offering from janitorial services to over eighteen facility support services. Staying true to its vision of simplifying facility maintenance for its customers by offering simple, cost effective, single-contract solutions. The key to the company’s success is its team of industry experts, DSC Solutions continuously targets the best in the industry and invests heavily in their training and development. The expertise offered to its customers is unlike any other company in the industry, and it shows. 

In its early years, DSC Solutions and its operations were compromised of 3 employees. Today, the company services millions square feet per day. It operates in both public and private sectors and has over 150 full-time employees, with another 50 on call for seasonal work. 


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