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Environmental contamination leads to more than 1.7 million healthcare associated infections (HAIs) each year. Healthcare facilities require a specialized approach, traditional cleaning is simply not enough. Our non-acute cleaning solutions developed specifically for healthcare facilities go far beyond traditional cleaning and sanitation procedures to prevent risk of infection, maintain clean & comfortable healthcare spaces, and keep patients out of harms way.  

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Protect Your Patients and Protect Your Bottom Line

Our specialized services maintain safer, cleaner healthcare spaces cost effectively and with guaranteed results. We leverage innovative environmental service techniques, cost efficiency, and technology to elevate patient satisfaction and create more comfortable environments for patients and clinicians alike. 


Housekeeping to Hospital Grade Cleaning

Our innovative cleaning services for non-acute healthcare facilities employ technologies such as fluorescent marking and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) systems to stay on the cutting edge of infection prevention. Additionally, we employ the most effective cleaning products and systems, customized to fit the needs of each individual environment. Our solutions help you achieve:

   –   A reduced risk of infection

   –   Increased CAHPS scores

   –   Effective surface cleaning and disinfection

   –   Enhanced reputation 

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Cleaning at Level 1 CDC Monitoring

While you don’t always need the intense support that acute care facilities require, you do want the specialized skills and technology that are required in a hospital setting. We have knowledge in cleaning at level 1 CDC monitoring and as a result we implement the following protocols in our healthcare cleaning programs:

Direct observation – Observing workers routine cleanings to ensure disinfectants are used the proper way.

Technology – Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) technology to measure the microbial load on surfaces in patient rooms.

Fluorescent Marking – Verify that high touch surfaces are being properly cleaned by placing fluorescent marks on various high touch spots and verifying with a black light surfaces have been properly cleaned.  

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Specialized Training

Our staff receives robust and comprehensive training addressing infection control, technology enablement tools, and other critical healthcare environment specific protocols. For example, proper high touch area cleaning, preparing the proper mix of disinfectants to prevent HAIs, and wiping down areas of rooms in the proper sequence.

BactiBarrier Protection- Standard in Our Healthcare Solutions

BactiBarrier® our eco-friendly surface coating to inhibit the growth and multiplication of harmful microbes is included as a standard part of our cleaning program for non-acute healthcare facilities. 

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-- The best way to maintain comfortable healthcare spaces and keep your patients out of harm's way is with a robust cleaning program focused on reducing HAI risk while improving the patient and clinician experience. Get started with us today! --


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