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The concrete around your property and the floors in your facility are on of the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your business. With so much competition, making a good first impression is an incredibly effective differentiation technique and can greatly contribute to the profitability of your operation.

Concrete Cleaning Services By DSC Solutions

Tile & Grout Cleaning

When it comes to tile & grout maintenance regular mopping and off the shelf methods are not enough, routine professional cleanings are essential. Our hard surface cleaning equipment and agents remove contaminants lodged deep within grout pores. It drastically changes the appearance of your floors, creating a positive impression on customers and increasing the longevity of your flooring. 

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is very susceptible to the environment, dirt, discarded gum, minerals, and even rain quickly dull its appearance. Our high power, truck mounted hard surface cleaning equipment along with biodegradable cleaning agents provides a deep and uniform cleaning. Restoring its surface back to a pleasant appearance.  

DSC Solutions Parking Lot Concrete Cleaning Services
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Hard Surface Cleaning

The EPA has really begun to crack down on conventional concrete cleaning methods as 70% of the water dispersed is lost due to evaporation. Our methods recollect up to 98% of the water dispersed during the cleaning process. 


Anti Slip Hard Surface Treatment

Protect your customers, visitors, and your business from possible accidents

Slip and Fall accidents are the second leading cause of accidental deaths; automobile accidents are number one. Protect yourself and your business, according to the American with Disabilities act businesses that fail to maintain an slip proof surface may face fines up to $50,000 for a first offence and up to $100,000 for a second offence. An anti slip treatment applies an invisible coating that increases the Coefficient of Friction diminishing the risk of slips and falls. The coating makes microscopic changes to the surface creating a unnoticeable sandpaper like surface.  It can be applied to hard porous materials like concrete, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, and natural stone. On average the entire application process takes less than an hour. 

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  • Deeper and Uniform Cleaning

  • Up to 98% Water Recollection

  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Methods

  • Proven Quality Assurance Systems

  • State of the Art Hard Surface Cleaning Equipment

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction


Concrete Cleaning Services by DSC Solutions

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