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Our professional commercial cleaning programs take into careful consideration every possible variable, foreseeable problem, and cost saving opportunity to provide you with a fully customized, industry specific approach. We incorporate best practices, high end technology, process procedures, and a tailored management and staffing approach. Our proven strategy enables us to provide planned, predictable, and repeatable results across any industry and environment type. 


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We Save Costs Without Compromising Quality

Reduce commercial cleaning cost by at least 10%. Guaranteed.

Janitorial services are viewed as a commodity, but there is an art and science to professional cleaning. When it comes to janitorial programs, labor accounts for 55-65% of expenses and there is 15-20% waste in operations. Creating efficiencies is key to lowering costs without sacrificing quality. Our office cleaning programs incorporate proven  efficiencies and best practices to deliver immediate costs savings of up to 25%

What Sets Our Commercial Cleaning Services Apart

DSC 360® System

Our method increases the quality, efficiency, and productivity of your cleaning, recycling, and maintenance  programs. We assess your needs and develop a program that will make the most difference to you.

Quality Assurance

Our quality management program allows us to measure the quality of our cleaning services, while providing you with round-the-clock visibility, communication, and reporting.

Lean Six Sigma Principles

The incorporation of lean six sigma principles into our operations ensures that your janitorial program operates with the least amount of defects in service delivery, least amount of cost, and the highest quality.

Technology Enablement

We leverage centralized work management systems with web-based reporting to plan, organize, direct, control, and measure our commercial cleaning programs.

Standardized Processes

Ability to develop and deploy cleaning programs that incorporate our leading-edge technology tools, cross functional labor utilization, ideal work loading of personnel, and maximum use of corporate resources.

Reliable Local Service

DSC Solutions self-performs the majority of our services. Our cleaning experts personally and consistently care for your property, ensuring exceptional service each and every time.

Cleaning Capabilities

Commercial Building Cleaning

We have the capability and resources to create and deploy fully customized janitorial programs for virtually any industry or environment type. Our proven strategy enables us to provide planned, predictable, and repeatable results  across any industry or environment type.

Professional Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is integral to all of our janitorial services. Our team supports our customers in becoming more environmentally responsible through the implementation of well-managed sustainability plans.

We also offer electrically activated water systems (OSG) that produce safe, non-toxic daily cleaning and sanitizing solutions onsite.

Hospital Grade Cleaning for Non-Acute Facilities

We help maintain comfortable healthcare spaces and keep your patients out of harms way with a robust cleaning program focused on reducing HAI risk while improving the patient and clinician experience.

Specialty Services

We are here to help with your periodic maintenance needs. Whether you have a one time project of are looking of for on-going specialty services, our local experts have you covered.

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Floor care & restoration
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Window Cleaning


Managing inventory affects your bottom line and the time you can dedicate to the job at hand. With our restroom supply management solutions, you can increase productivity and reduce costs while virtually elimination stock outs.


DSC Solutions is one of the pioneer commercial cleaning companies in the area. Generally, Janitorial services are viewed as a commodity, but there is an art and science to professional cleaning. Commercial cleaning in Harrisburg PA, Commercial cleaning in York PA & Commercial cleaning in Lancaster PA are all covered by DSC Solutions. Give us a call for a one stop solution for the best commercial cleaning services. DSC Solutions offer one of the finest Janitorial services in Lancaster PA


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