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Businesses across North America are facing many difficult decisions with all the uncertainties created by COVID-19. There is a heightened sense of scrutiny for implementing best practices to provide clean, healthy, and safe environments.

As facilities return to normal occupancy levels, DSC Solutions continues to partner with leading companies to deliver essential facility services to help customers and employees feel safe. Our specialized approach provides customers with enhanced janitorial services to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis. We help you meet the evolving challenges of reentry by tailoring programs based on site-specific needs, applying our deep expertise, and four levels of COVID-19 responses. 

What Sets us Apart


The war on COVID-19 is too dangerous for ordinary janitorial services. Whether or not there has been any confirmed cases in your facility, protective and preventive measures must be put into place now to curb the spread of germs. Our comprehensive approach creates a framework to help you navigate the on-going challenges of re-entry by leveraging pandemic disinfection training, best practices, proper PPE, and EPA-registered disinfectants qualified for use against SARS-CoV-2.

Safe Re-Entry

We ensure a successful re-entry by performing an initial deep clean to provide employees and visitors assurance that the environment is safe and ready to re-open. Initial services include HEPA vacuuming, machine cleaning/sanitizing of all floor surfaces, hygiene barrier cleaning, disinfecting of all horizontal and vertical surfaces, and hot water and sanitizer extraction of upholstered furniture.

Enhanced Service Delivery

A well managed cleaning program with infection control components is the most effective weapon to reduce the risk of transmission and infection. Our innovative programs are executed by teams certified in pandemic outbreak and post pandemic disinfection. We create a perfect synergy between routine cleaning, frequent high touch point disinfection, and broad disinfection to deliver clean, healthy, and safe environments.

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