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Managing inventory affects your business’ bottom line and the time you can dedicate to the job at hand. With our janitorial supplies inventory management solutions, you can increase productivity and reduce costs while virtually eliminating stock outs. 

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DSC Solutions procurement and supply management


Work with a dedicated DSC Solutions account executive to identify the most important products, preferred brands, and consumption rates. Once ordered, our staff neatly organizes and labels each product for easy identification. 


DSC Solutions develops and implements a just in time inventory system to increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary inventory storage costs. We make sure janitorial supplies are delivered exactly when you need them. 

DSC Solutions procurement and supply management
Procurement and supply management services by DSC Solutions


Inventory is replenished in a bi weekly or monthly basis. Prior to each order, we provide inventory reports detailing the number of products used, the number of products remaining, and the proposed new product order quantities, so you know exactly what is in your inventory. 

Why Work With Us

  • Just in Time Inventory System

  • Lower Costs and Decreased Storage Soace

  • Increased Employee Productivity and Efficiency 

  • Eliminate Stock Outs

  • Extensive Product Selection 

  • Forged Relationships with Suppliers Result in Lower Prices 

  • No contracts or long term commitments 

DSC Solutions procurement and supply management

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