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5 tips for cleaning and maintaining hard surface floors in the office

The hard surface floors throughout your office endure high volumes of foot traffic, dirt, leaves, water, and heavy furniture being dragged across it – all on a daily basis.

In order to keep your floors in a pristine and presentable condition, as well as, safe for all who use them, they must be regularly maintained and cleaned. Keeping up a regular floor-cleaning schedule will also prolong the life of your flooring and help prevent the need for costly floor renovations and replacements.

Hard floors regularly found in offices include: vinyl, laminate, wood, ceramic, marble, granite, granolithic or stone. As a specialist office cleaning company, here are our top tips to maintaining the hard flooring in your office…

1. Appropriate cleaning

Each type of hard floor covering in your office will have manufacturer recommendations for its maintenance. It’s essential to adhere to these recommendations for the longevity of the floor and for safety purposes. For example, too much water on wooden floors can damage and warp the wood; it’s also always advisable to be cautious when it comes to water on tiled floors, in case there is a danger of water seeping through on to buried wires. Granolithic floors are a safe and good non-slip option for an office and are excellent in washrooms and kitchens, however, you are unable to polish them and so they can become worn quickly – regular floor cleaning is essential to minimise their wear and tear. Avoid using harsh chemicals on natural stones and materials such as granite and marble.

2. Floor protection

From the moment someone steps through the office doors, dirt will be transferred from their shoes to the floor and trodden through the building. To help prevent damage to the hard floors, especially in intense foot traffic areas such as the office entrance, install heavy-duty mats. It is far easier and cheaper to clean a mat, or to replace them, than it is to fix damaged specialist hard floors. Entrance mats are also a safer option to help prevent slips and falls when the floor is wet from the rain, for example.

3. Regular Cleaning

By regularly removing the build-up of dirt and grit, you can help protect the office floors and keep them looking in excellent condition. Daily vacuuming will pick-up the worst of the dirt and weekly mopping will prevent dirt from becoming ingrained into the floor. The longer dirt is left on the floor, the deeper it will be trodden in, staining or even ripping surfaces – depending on the type of flooring installed. It is recommended to carry out deep cleans on hard floors to keep them protected from hard wear, thoroughly sanitised and looking their best. Deep cleans should be carried out every 12 – 16 weeks and every 4 – 6 weeks in high foot traffic areas or hard wearing areas such as kitchens and washrooms.

4. Stain Removal

Most hard floors can have stain protection treatments carried out to help prevent damage and permanent discoloration. The obvious prevention method is to clean up any stains and spillages as they occur. For offices without janitorial services, this may not always be possible, however, the quicker a spillages can be cleaned up, the less likely it is that long-term damage will be caused to the floor. Speak to your professional cleaning provider for specific stain removal services for chewing gum, grease and tar.

5. Furniture

Heavy and inappropriately stored furniture is likely to cause floor damage in the office. Heavy desks and items of furniture can be placed on floor protector pads to help prevent indentations and marks on the floor. Similarly you can install load-bearing castors to the feet of furniture to reduce the damage caused by dragging. With some items of furniture this will not be possible, but all members of staff should be advised on how to best (and safely) lift and move furniture, including chairs.

At Swift Office Cleaning Services, we offer specialist hard surface floor maintenance and office cleaning services as part of our janitorial solutions With over 20 years experience of cleaning offices, we understand the importance of quality hard floor cleaning – to not only maintain the high standards of your business premises but also for the health and safety of everyone who comes to work.

Speak to a member of the team about your daily office cleaning needs and specialist hard floor cleaning requirements. Call us: (717) 271-6366 or get in touch for a free estimate below. 

DSCLink app- proprietary technology

DSC Solutions Announces Its Next-Generation Proprietary Quality Control Platform

LANCASTER, Pa. - Aug. 29, 2017 - PRLog -- DSC Solutions, a leading provider in facility maintenance services, today announced its next generation quality control platform, DSCLink 2.0. With the initial implementation starting September 1st 2017, DSCLink 2.0 brings together DSC's proprietary divisional cleaning system and its proven quality control procedures to provide customers with a service quality and experience never before seen in the industry.

To eradicate the growing inconsistency concerns faced by many companies outsourcing their facility maintenance services, DSC Solutions conducted extensive research and identified 4 key challenges.

Service consistency

Service schedule compliance

Lack of communication


The DSCLink platform was designed to address these specific challenges while seamlessly integrating with the company's proprietary systems and processes.

DSC Solutions is the first and only company known to quantify its quality control procedures to improve the customer experience. Weekly service quality inspection reports are completed through DSCLink's mobile app and uploaded to the company's server. Which analyzes each report and returns an overall cleanliness grade for the entire facility, if service quality falls below a certain percentage the appropriate personnel is immediately notified to correct the deficiency. In addition, management can analyze all data collected to make informed operation decisions. "DSCLink will enable DSC Solutions to take care of any deficiencies before they become a problem for our customers" -Justin Eshelman, Director of Technology, DSC Solutions

DSC Solutions plans to leverage its DSCLink technology to further enhance its customer's experience by offering customer and visitor focused improvements. The company has developed a feedback collection system using QR codes placed in common areas throughout the building. Facility staff and visitors can scan each code and submit feedback regarding the service quality of the room, DSCLink automatically creates a work order and notifies the company's staff to correct any deficiencies found. "By analyzing the feedback collected we can truly tailor our service approach to each individual customer" – Jerry Moore, Sales Manager, DSC Solutions

For more information or any inquiries please visit www.dsccleaning.com or contact DSC Solutions at info@dsccleaning.com

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